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The double yarn is a unique construction where two slim fibres are twisted into one thicker yarn. This creates a very durable and hardwearing fibre with a softer, more cotton-like feel to the finished fabric, and gives an extremely stable surface for even the most complex decoration and embroidery.


The combination of elegant appearance and excellent durability make Oxford fabrics a good choice for shirts used as team uniforms.


Teflon® fabric protector is built into the fabric and repels water, oil, and stains. Moreover, it does not impact the weight, look, colour or breathability of the fabric.


The inner layer is existing of a non-brushed loop fabric. There is no fluff, which makes French terry knit fabric ideal for decorating.


Fabric surface is softened by emery-covered rollers. This emerizing process breaks the surface of the yarns, creating a softer hand feel.


Varying the crossovers of the two yarns, warp and weft, creates diagonal patterns that improves the flow and drape of a garment. Russell Europe uses twill weaves for shirt fabrics, as well as for workwear Trousers – the good ow of the fabric combining durability with wearer comfort.


Named because it resembles the skeleton of a sh, the Herringbone broken chevron pattern is subtly different and distinctive.


Fabrics with a SpotShield™ finishing repel water and most oil-based spills.

LYCRA® T400®

The elastomultiester (LYCRA® T400®) is an advanced double fibre originally developed for jeans. It gently stretches and recovers in every direction and creates a premium garment that retains its fit, and moves with the user.


A fabric generally used for polo shirts. Most commonly used is the single tuck pique, with its finer micro pique variation using finer yarn and a narrower knitting pattern. The double tuck pique has a characteristic honeycomb pattern with superior durability and a softer hand feel.


All Russell Europe shirts and polos come with a spare button.


A very fine weave using thinner and smoother yarns, combining excellent ow and drape with the elegance of a fine weave fabric. An excellent fabric for premium formal shirts.


Ring spinning integrates shorter fibres into the yarn by adjusting them with the longer yarns. This leads to a smoother yarn with a softer hand feel and higher durability. Russell Europe only uses yarn that is at least ring spun quality or better.


Formal shirts that don’t require ironing and stay wrinkle-free while worn. Traditionally achieved by applying a coating onto the fabric. Russell Europe’s ultimate non-iron shirts use a modern steaming technology that achieves superior non-iron properties without any coating.


A man-made fibre using a natural raw material and produced in an environmentally friendly process. Tencel® has superior hand feel, is very skin friendly and provides excellent moisture transfer properties. Tencel® is generally blended with other fibres; Russell Europe uses blends with cotton.



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